Frustrating Education - Observer Article

Todays Observer pleaded for kids to learn to code. And they blamed education as a basis for that parlance state.
Although partly true, the real reason is:

  • businesses in the UK outsourced their coders to India over the last 15 years
  • businesses in the UK don't see coding as a core competency, we don't write programs, we buy the tools
  • the cost of writing and maintaining your own code for your business when you can pick up a configurable software package like SAP that does all the business work is better in the long run.

ECM Supplement in Guardian

I was very fortunate to be asked to contribute some writing to a supplement the other week and today it appears in the Guardian.
I worked hard to have IBM co-sponsor the supplement through a lot of administration loops including proving that BearingPoint were indeed a Premier Partner.

What do I do?

I was asked by an elderly lady friend exactly what do I do?
Well I am a consultant. I discuss and solve problems for business. I feel I do this by visualising problems so that our clients can share and have their employees determine what the future holds.
My questioner is a famous concert pianist. I felt that my world is more about being a painter of pictures and representations. In the past people wanted a sense of purpose from their paintings: religious stories for examples. Maybe that is what my purpose is?

What Does It Mean To Be Average?

I have worked with someone recently and I am all a little frustrated.
They just don't seem to get it. We are working on an extraordinary project and it seems they haven't engaged. You put something in front of them and their eyes glaze over. They ask for help on creating a particular product and it seems there is no light on in terms of working with something new. It seems they struggle with working in a new paradigm - new client - new/different technology.

Wikileaks Shows Governments Lack of Regulation

Well Wikileaks shows the power of the internet: the fact that information once revealed can be devastating.
Do governments not understand that the transparency that the internet provides can be dangerous? It shows that governments and organisations need to be even more vigilent in protecting their information assets: their records, knowledge and opinions from being available.

Say No To PopUp

Have you ever considered that search is not just about picking a set of words - it is also the way we can categorise data when we insert it.
We have to stop giving our content creators stupid pick lists and free forms on which they must determine a category of content.
We need to throw away the form and start with something else.
Firstly we then asked for a parameters that changes and cannot have a predetermined pick list: like client name - then we need to be able to encourage the indexer to put in the right name.

Transferring Risk In Business

Are businesses who practice transferring as much as risk as possible into their suppliers missing a trick? Isn't the whole point of business about managing risk? If you become a naturally risk averse organisation do you not become an uncompetitive business. If business executives are no longer handling risks, they will lose touch with working with new risks when they come along: so in some cases the business needs to have a unit that can assess and manage risk. A good business therefore is adept and managing risk everyday.

Data Roaming: Jamaica - Digicel SIM on MiFi and iPhone

Still in Jamaica, having fun data roaming with my iPhone.
Now you might think I must be mad, with the typical cost of £6 per Mbyte I would be clocking up hundreds of pounds but I am not.
My trusty MiFi from Novatel Wireless comes to the rescue.

Gadget of the Year 2009 - MiFi 2352

I have my candidate for the gadget of the year in 2009: The Mifi 2352 from Novatel Wireless.
It has set me free from the oddities of making internet connections from various computing devices with various corporate restrictions.
Let me give you a run down of what challenges I started with:

Virtual Reality - Training Ground For The Impoverish

It dawned on me that virtual reality will be an interesting society tool for dealing with people in impoverished circumstances.
I have always believed that conspiratorially society molds and controls people: reducing possible conflicts from overcrowding by providing 'entertainment' such as TV, ipods, games consoles. Games consoles are the great teenage experiment in society: it has kept teenagers off the streets and out of trouble.

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